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H3C LS-S5560X-30F-EI 24 Fiber Optic Switch 40000 Gigabit Layer 3 Core 10 Gigabit

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H3C LS-S5560X-30F-EI 24 Fiber Optic Switch 40000 Gigabit Layer 3 Core 10 Gigabit

H3C LS-S5560X-30F-EI 24 Fiber Optic Switch 40000 Gigabit Layer 3 Core 10 Gigabit
H3C LS-S5560X-30F-EI 24 Fiber Optic Switch 40000 Gigabit Layer 3 Core 10 Gigabit H3C LS-S5560X-30F-EI 24 Fiber Optic Switch 40000 Gigabit Layer 3 Core 10 Gigabit

Large Image :  H3C LS-S5560X-30F-EI 24 Fiber Optic Switch 40000 Gigabit Layer 3 Core 10 Gigabit

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China, Guangdong
Brand Name: H3C
Certification: FCC,CCC,CE
Model Number: LS-S5560X-30F-EI
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: Negotiable
Price: Negotiable

H3C LS-S5560X-30F-EI 24 Fiber Optic Switch 40000 Gigabit Layer 3 Core 10 Gigabit

With Modem Function: LS-S5560X-30F-EI Ports: 24
Weight: ≤ 6.6 Kg (14.55 Lb) Switch Capacity: 598Gbps
Dimensions (H X W X D): 43.6 X 440 X 360 Mm (1.72 X 17.32 X 14.17 In) Power With Full Configuration: 645 W (DC) 703 W (AC)
Management Ethernet Ports: 1 Warranty: 1 Year
High Light:



3 Core Fiber Optic Switch


24 Fiber Optic Switch

H3C LS-S5560X-30F-EI 24 Gigabit optical port 40000 Gigabit Layer 3 core 10 Gigabit uplink switch



The H3C S5560-EI series switch is the latest high-performance converged Ethernet switch product launched by New H3C Technology Co., Ltd. It is developed based on the industry’s leading high-performance hardware architecture and H3C’s advanced Comware V7 software platform, and is based on a powerful unified switching platform. Seamless integration of wired and wireless.

H3C S5560-EI series switches can integrate wireless control functions to realize wireless/wired local forwarding at the access layer, eliminate wireless control bandwidth bottlenecks, expand wireless deployment scale, and save user investment costs. H3C S5560-EI series switches achieve the industry's highest port density of 1U equipment and flexible port expansion capabilities. The hosts are solidified with 4 ports of 10 Gigabit optical, which can simultaneously expand high-density 10 Gigabit and 40G ports, and supports high-density and high-performance port uplink capabilities.

H3C S5560-EI series supports pluggable dual power supplies and pluggable dual fan structure design to achieve high reliability at the hardware level. It also supports MACsec hardware encryption functions, including user data encryption, data frame integrity check and data source authenticity Check, to provide users with secure connectionless MAC layer data sending and receiving services.



main parameters
product type gigabit ethernet switch
application hierarchy three floors
transfer rate 10/100/1000Mbps
interchange mode store-forward
backplane bandwidth 598Gbps/5.98Tbps
packet forwarding rate 216Mpps/222Mpps
MAC Address Table 64K
port parameters
port structure modularization
number of ports 28 pcs
port description 24 SFP ports (including 8 combo ports) ports, 4 10 Gigabit SFP+ ports
control port 1 console, 1 RJ-45 Console port, 1 Micro USB Console port (cannot work at the same time, Micro USB is preferred)
transfer mode full duplex
stacking function stackable
VLAN Support for port-based VLANs Support for MAC-based VLANs Protocol-based VLANs for IP subnets Support QinQ, Flexible QinQ support for VLAN Mapping Support for Voice VLAN Support for MVRP
QOS Support L2 (Layer 2) ~ L4 (Layer 4) packet filtering, providing a support period (Time) for stream classification based on source MAC address, destination MAC address, source IP (IPv4/IPv6) address, destination IP (IPv4/IPv6) address, TCP/UDP port number, and VLAN Range) ACL supports inbound and outbound direction of the bidirectional ACL policy support based on VLAN delivery ACL support for port receiving packets and send packet rate limits, minimum granularity of 8Kbps support message redirection support message 802.1p and DSCP priority retaging support CAR (Committed Access Rate) function support flexible queue scheduling algorithm, can be set based on ports and queues at the same time, support SP, WRR and SP+WRR modes support WRED
multicast management Support IGMP Snooping v1/v2/v3, MLD Snooping v1/v2 support PIM Snooping support MLD Proxy support multicast VLAN support IGMP v1/v2/v3, MLD v1/v2* support PIM-DM, PIM-SM, PIM-SSM support MSDP, MSDP for IPv6* support MBGP, MBGP for Ipv6
network management Support XModem/FTP/TFTP loading and upgrading support command line interface (CLI), Telnet, Console port configuration support SNMPv1/v2/v3, WEB network management supportSEP (Remote Monitoring) alarms, events, history support iMC intelligent management center support system logs, hierarchical alarms, debugging information output support NTP support power supply alarm function, fan, temperature alarm support Ping, Tracert supports VCT (Virtual Cable Test) cable detection function supports DLDP (Device Link Detection Protocol) One-way link detection protocol supports LLDP supports Loopback-detection port loopback detection
security management Support for hierarchical user management and password protection Support for 802.1X authentication/Centralized MAC address authentication Support for Guest VLAN Support for RADIUS Authentication Support for SSH 2.0 Support for Port Isolation Support for Port Security Support for EAD Can support DHCP Snooping, DHCP server to prevent spoofing Support for dynamic ARP detection, Prevent Man-in-the-Middle attacks and ARP denial of service Support for BPDU guard, Root guard support for uRPF ( Unicast reverse path detection), eliminate IP source address spoofing, prevent viruses and attacks Support IP/Port/MAC binding function Support OSPF, RIPv2 message plaintext and MD5 ciphertext authentication support PKI (Public Key Infrastructure)
other parameters
supply voltage AC: Rated voltage range: 100V~240V AC, 50/60Hz

DC: Input rated voltage range -48V~-60V DC
power supply power Power consumption

(static) Single: AC: 24W,

DC: 24W Double: AC: 30W, DC: 29W

Power consumption (at full load)

Single: AC: 112W, DC: 113W

Double: AC: 116W, DC: 122W
product size 440×360×43.6mm
product weight ≤6.6kg
environmental standards working environment temperature: 0 °c ~

45 °c working environment relative humidity (non-condensing): 5% ~ 95%



H3C LS-S5560X-30F-EI 24 Fiber Optic Switch 40000 Gigabit Layer 3 Core 10 Gigabit 0H3C LS-S5560X-30F-EI 24 Fiber Optic Switch 40000 Gigabit Layer 3 Core 10 Gigabit 1



1. High-performance port expansion capability

H3C S5560-EI series switch hosts all solidify 4 10 Gigabit optical ports, provide the most cost-effective port combination, realize the lowest cost interconnection solution, and meet the needs of users for 1:1 non-convergence network deployment;

H3C S5560-EI series switches support rich and flexible port expansion boards, including 8-port 10 Gigabit optical/electrical expansion boards, 2-port 10 Gigabit optical/electrical expansion boards, and 2-port 40G expansion boards. Supports 12 10 Gigabit ports or 2 40G ports to achieve high-density and high-performance port expansion capabilities to meet the core deployment requirements of large-scale network aggregation or small and medium-sized networks, as well as the configuration requirements for optical-electric hybrid networking.

2. Open multi-service architecture (OAP card)

H3C S5560-EI series switches are based on H3C's Open Service Architecture (OAA), which can not only provide the functions of traditional switches, but also integrate high-performance OAP module cards including FW, making the S5560EI switch a converged multi-service bearer platform .

3. High-performance IPv4/IPv6 business capabilities

H3C S5560-EI series switches implement a hardware-based IPv4/IPv6 dual-stack platform, support multiple tunneling technologies, rich IPv4 and IPv6 three-layer routing protocols, multicast technology, and policy routing mechanisms to provide users with complete IPv4/IPv6 solutions plan.

4. IRF2 (Second Generation Intelligent Resilient Architecture)

H3C S5560-EI series switches support IRF2 (Second Generation Intelligent Resilient Architecture) technology, which connects multiple physical devices to each other to make them virtual as one logical device, that is, users can treat these multiple devices as one A single device for management and use. IRF can bring the following benefits to users:

* Simplified management After the formation of the IRF architecture, it can be connected to any port of any device to log in to a unified logical device. The configuration of a single device can achieve the effect of managing the entire intelligent and flexible system and all member devices in the system. There is no need to physically connect to each member device to configure and manage them separately.

* The various control protocols running in the logical device formed by the simplified business IRF also run as a single device. For example, the routing protocol will be calculated as a single device. With the application of cross-device link aggregation technology, it can replace the original Spanning tree protocol, which can save a large number of protocol message interactions between devices, simplifies network operation, and shortens the convergence time when the network is turbulent.

* Flexible expansion: Flexible expansion can be achieved according to user needs to ensure user investment. And when the newly added device joins or leaves the IRF architecture, it can be "hot-plugged" without affecting the normal operation of other devices.

* High reliability The high reliability of IRF is embodied in the three aspects of link, equipment and protocol. The physical ports between the member devices support the aggregation function, and the physical connections between the IRF system and the upper and lower layer devices also support the aggregation function. In this way, the reliability of the link is improved through multi-link backup; the IRF system is composed of multiple member devices, Once the master device fails, the system will quickly and automatically elect a new master to ensure that the business through the system is not interrupted, thereby achieving device-level 1:N backup; the IRF system will have a real-time protocol hot backup function to be responsible for the configuration information of the protocol Back up to all other member devices to achieve 1:N protocol reliability.

* High performance For high-end switches, the improvement of performance and port density will be limited by the hardware structure. The performance and port density of the IRF system is the sum of the performance of all devices and the number of ports inside the IRF. Therefore, IRF technology can easily expand the switching capacity of the device and the density of user ports several times, thereby greatly improving the performance of the device.

5. IRF3 (third-generation intelligent elastic architecture)

* S5560-EI series products can support heterogeneous virtualization in the vertical dimension, and form a vertical logical virtual device with core or aggregation devices through IRF3 technology, which is equivalent to adding a box-type device as a remote interface board to the main device system , In order to achieve the purpose of expanding the I/O port capacity and conducting centralized control and management. IRF3 technology can simplify management and greatly reduce network management nodes; simplify wiring, change the second layer to one layer, save horizontal connection cables; finally realize the virtualization of the data forwarding plane, which is convenient for simplifying service deployment and automatic orchestration. And various network functions including TRILL can be obtained from the CB device.

6. Data Center Features

* TRILL (Transparent Interconnection of Lots of Links, multi-link transparent interconnection) technology is an innovative technology that changes the traditional data center network construction method. However, in the Layer 2 switching network with limited performance and networking range, a flexible and easy-to-scalable high-performance Layer 2 network architecture has been established. Adopting the S5560-EI series switch supporting TRILL technology is an ideal choice for building a large-scale, high-performance, easy-scalable cloud data center network that supports the dynamic migration of server virtual machines.

7. SDN (Software Defined Network)

* Software Defined Network (SDN) is an innovative network architecture system. Its core technology, Openflow, combines the control layer of the network with

* The data forwarding layer is separated, which greatly simplifies the difficulty of network management and maintenance. More importantly, it realizes flexible control of network traffic and provides a good network platform for core network and application innovation.

* S5560-EI series switches support large-scale flow tables, and with H3C SDN controller, it can easily realize large-scale two-layer architecture networking and provide the function of quickly adding users to the existing network; it can significantly simplify the difficulty of network management while significantly reducing the difficulty of network management. Reduce the cost of network maintenance.

8. Multi-service support capabilities

* H3C S5560-EI series switches all support Multi-VRF features and can be used as MCE devices; support Layer 3 MPLS VPN and Layer 2 MPLS VPN (Martini, Kompella), and cooperate with H3C MPLS VPN Manager to realize graphical MPLS deployment And maintenance. It fully supports VPLS features, provides end-to-end Layer 2 VPN access solutions, supports MPLS/VPLS full wire-speed forwarding, and meets the requirements for large-scale VPLS deployment.

* The H3C S5560-EI PWR model supports PoE (Power over Ethernet) technology, and remotely powers connected devices (such as IP Phone, Wireless AP, etc.) through Ethernet, thereby eliminating the need to deploy a separate power supply system for the devices on site , Can greatly reduce the wiring and management costs of deploying terminal equipment.

9. Visualization

H3C S5560-EI series switches support Telemetry technology. The real-time resource information and alarm information of the switch can be sent to the operation and maintenance platform through the GRPC protocol. The operation and maintenance platform analyzes real-time data, which can realize network quality backtracking, troubleshooting, and risk warning , Structure optimization and other functions to accurately guarantee user experience.

10. Complete security control strategy

* H3C S5560-EI series switches support the EAD (terminal access control) function, and cooperate with the background system to integrate terminal security measures such as terminal antivirus and patch repair with network security measures such as network access control and access authority control into a linked security The system, through the inspection, isolation, repair, management and monitoring of network access terminals, turns the entire network from passive defense to active defense, single point defense to comprehensive defense, and decentralized management to centralized strategy management, which improves the network’s anti-virus protection The overall defense capabilities of emerging security threats such as worms and worms.

* The H3C S5560-EI series switches support centralized MAC address authentication, 802.1x authentication, and PORTAL authentication. It supports dynamic or static binding of user identification elements such as user accounts, IP, MAC, VLAN, and ports, and also implements user policies (VLAN, QoS) , ACL) dynamic issuance; supports real-time management of online users in cooperation with H3C's iMC system, and timely diagnoses and dissolves illegal network behaviors.

* H3C S5560-EI series switches provide enhanced ACL control logic, support large-capacity ingress and egress ACLs, and support VLAN-based ACL delivery, which simplifies the user configuration process while avoiding the waste of ACL resources. In addition, the S5560-EI series will also support unicast reverse path finding technology (uRPF). The principle is that when a data packet is received on an interface of the device, it will reversely search the path to verify whether there is a packet from the receiving interface. The routing between the source addresses established in, which verifies its authenticity, and deletes the data packet if it does not exist, so that we can effectively prevent the increasingly widespread source address spoofing in the network.

11. Multiple reliability protection

S5560-EI series switches have multiple reliability protections at the device level and link level.

S5560-EI series switches support pluggable AC and direct dual power supply modules, and pluggable dual fan reliability design. AC or DC power supply modules can be flexibly configured according to the actual environment. In addition, the whole machine also supports power supply and fan Fault detection and warning can automatically adjust the fan speed according to temperature changes. These designs make the equipment more reliable.

In addition to device-level reliability, the product also supports a wealth of link-level reliability technologies, including protection protocols such as LACP/STP/RSTP/MSTP/Smart Link/RRPP fast ring network protection mechanisms, supports IRF2 smart elastic architecture, and supports 1 : N redundancy backup, support ring stacking, support cross-device link aggregation, greatly improve network reliability, when the network bears multiple services and large traffic, it does not affect the convergence time of the network, ensuring the normal development of services


12. MACsec hardware encryption

* Macsec is a link layer security protocol of Hop by Hop which is very suitable for Ethernet. It implements the following three functions:

1) Message encryption: Through the encryption algorithm and key, the plaintext is turned into garbled ciphertext, which is difficult to decrypt even if it is eavesdropped on.

2) Anti-replay attack: Prevent hackers from intercepting the message received by the destination host and sending it to the destination host again to achieve the purpose of deceiving the destination host, such as identity authentication.

3) Anti-tampering: Prevent hackers from tampering with the original message content at will to achieve the ulterior motive.

* The realization of Macsec is divided into two modes:

1) Host-oriented mode: used for the first hop protection when the terminal accesses the network.

2) Device-oriented mode: protection of interconnection links between user devices. H3C S5560EI series switch hardware integrates MACsec security encryption function, combined with our inode smart client and core switches (S10500, S75E) to build a complete MACsec solution;

13. Rich QoS strategy

H3C S5560-EI series switches support L2 (Layer 2) ~ L4 (Layer 4) packet filtering functions, providing based on source MAC address, destination MAC address, source IP address, destination IP address, TCP/UDP port number, protocol type, VLAN traffic classification. Provides a flexible queue scheduling algorithm, which can be set based on ports and queues at the same time, and supports five modes: SP (Strict Priority), WRR (Weighted Round Robin), SP+WRR, WFQ, and WDRR. Support CAR (Committed Access Rate) function with a minimum granularity of 8Kbps. Supports port mirroring in both outbound and inbound directions, used to monitor the packets on the designated port, and copy the data packets on the port to the monitoring port for network detection and troubleshooting.

14. Excellent management

H3C S5560-EI series switches support a wealth of management interfaces, such as Console port, mini usb port, out-of-band network management port, support SNMPv1/v2/v3 (Simple Network Management Protocol), support Open View and other general network management platforms and iMC intelligent management center. Support CLI command line, Web network management, TELNET, make device management more convenient, and support SSH2.0 and other encryption methods, making management more secure.

H3C S5560-EI series switches support SPAN/RSPAN/ERSPAN mirroring and multiple mirrored observation ports, which can analyze network traffic to take corresponding management and maintenance measures, so that the originally invisible network service application traffic becomes clear at a glance, which can provide users with Various network flow analysis reports help users optimize network structure and adjust resource deployment in time.

15. Professional lightning protection function H3C S5560-EI series switches adopt professional built-in lightning protection technology and support the industry-leading 8KV service port lightning protection capability, so that it can greatly reduce the damage rate of lightning strikes to equipment even in relatively harsh working environments. 16. Enhanced Power over Ethernet (PoE+) H3C S5560-EI series switches support 802.3af/802.3at enhanced power over Ethernet function, single port maximum output power of 30W, can be 802.11n wireless access points, video IP phones, high-power surveillance cameras and more The terminal equipment provides power over Ethernet capability, and supports multiple types of PoE power supply modules to achieve flexible PoE output capabilities. At the same time, it can provide a stand-alone 1440W PoE power supply capability to achieve 48-port PoE+ full power supply.




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